Tornado Server

Tornado Server: Features

Fast to develop web applications

Fast enterprise-class is what Tornado was designed to create. Get the job done. Using our groundbreaking Vortex IDE, creating and updating your Tornado applications is a snap.

SOA: Service Oriented Architecture

Tornado Server was built from the ground up to support a Service Oriented Architecture. Deploying, securing and managing web services has never been easier!


Tornado powers some of Australia's busiest mines. With a site that runs 24x7x364 you need a server that won't let you down. Tornado delivers reliability in spades. Run it on your favourite Operating System and it'll stay up as long as you need it to.

Small footprint

With an installer under 10MB and an installed footprint small enough to run on a handheld. Don't be deceived though, this same software will run on a mainframe with no modifications!

Remote Administration, Development and Server Upgrades

Tornado comes out of the box with a set of browser based tools for remote administration and development. No need to mess about with FTP or opening special ports, all communications with Tornado is via good old HTTP. Through firewalls, inter-company, interstate and internationally.


Tornado is 100% Java. It will run on any platform with a 1.4 or greater JVM, from handhelds to mainframes, from one node to a massive cluster.

Quick install

Download the 10MB install file and double click. In less than two minutes Tornado will be up and running.

Legacy integration

Want to talk to WebSphere? Domino? Write XLS files? Create a PDF? Use your favourite opensource Java libraries? Oracle? DB2? mySQL? Any JDBC data source? Too easy.


Tornado Server is backed by a company that cares about your solutions. If we're too far away to help, we'll find you a partner in your region to help. In person, phone, email, IM, skype. Whatever you need we're here to help.