Tornado Server

Tornado Server

Designed for business

Tornado is designed for building complex business web applications. Every feature in the software is aimed at doing useful things inside the context of a company. For ISVs and technology providers this means keeping your customers happy by delivering complex web applications faster and with fewer restrictions.

Quick guide to Tornado architecture

Now with added GPL

Tornado Server is licensed under the GPL. Anyone is free to use the code under the terms of this license, along with full access to the source code.

For complex web applications

Tornado Server allows rapid development of complex web-based applications. The modular design allows for great scalability, and because it's built in 100% Java, you have the choice of almost any platform to run it on - from hand-helds to mainframes! ...on a flexible, fast and robust server platform.

If you're looking for a platform to build rich web applications on, Tornado is it. There are many frameworks out there designed to allow rapid development of simple applications (Domino, Ruby, PHP, ...) but once the complexity of the application requires: many databases and tables, or tiered security, or multiple deployments or complex business logic, that power is quickly lost. Tornado is designed from the ground up to build complex web applications for Web 2.0 and beyond browser-based services.

Self documenting code

The Tornado development framework allows programmers to work in a structured fashion to build applications that are very easy to maintain and enhance. The URL structure makes solving coding issues a simple task. The deployed application keeps its design element metadata, documentation and data dictionary for ever. Every time the application is moved or copied, it's full inventory of design information travels with it.

King of Intranets

Tornado Server is perfect for creating a company Intranet. Its built-in security allows complex web applications to be developed while making sure the right people have access to the right data. The Vortex development environment means application changes happen in a flash, letting Tornado keep pace with your business. It ties in with your existing usernames and passwords so you're not rolling out yet another username/password pair. Tornado slots in alongside your existing technology investment.

Great for ISVs

Here's some reason's why Independent Software Vendors love Tornado Server:
  • Fast to develop for
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Small foot-print
  • Takes seconds to upgrade remotely using a web browser
  • Near zero administration
  • Runs on any hardware/OS supporting Java 1.4+
  • Installs in minutes
  • Integrates easily with a customer's existing infrastructure
  • GPL opensource license or commercial support
  • Backed by a company who cares about your solutions

Hardcore Geeks

The web is brimming with OpenSource libraries and software that work perfectly with Tornado Server. To top that off, Tornado is licensed under the GPL, use it freely or purchase a commercial support agreement. Tornado Server can be extended, changed and tweaked in any number of ways and it plays very well with other software and systems. Download a copy and have a play today, it takes less than five minutes to get up and running. We guarantee you'll be amazed at the possibilites.