Web Booster SSO for WebSphere

Single Sign-On for Lotus Domino and IBM WebSphere

Web Booster Single Sign On allows users to access their web applications automatically and securely, using their Windows workstation credentials. No more post-it! notes stuck to monitors, forgotten passwords or wasted time.

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Why do I have to remember so many usernames and passwords?

Web Booster SSO for Lotus Domino

The modern organisation has many systems, usually each with their own username and password. To a user this annoying scenario means they need to remember which identity goes with which application. Until now the mighty Post-it! note has come to the rescue - your users simply write their usernames and passwords and stick the notes to their monitor. Not exactly your ideal scenario when trying to maintain a secure environment. Those users who try to remember them, will at some point forget and make a call the helpdesk.

Management will love you: works with BlackBerry

Entering a username and password on a small device is fiddly and time consuming. The good news is the BlackBerry supports both NTLM and Kerberos authentication. Just start the BlackBerry and you're in. There's nothing better than a happy Executive...

Save money on helpdesk and support costs

Web Booster Enterprise Single Sign On works with Lotus Domino and IBM WebSphere servers and Microsoft Windows workstations. Once you have logged into your workstation, simply open your web browser and start working - no password prompts and no wasted time waiting.

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The Web Booster Single Sign On solution is secure. Choose between either Windows NTLM authentication or Kerberos. At no point do user passwords travel over the network and user credentials are verified by a central server to ensure the workstation login is valid. Further to this, admins can choose to force SSL on the Booster connections to make it near impossible to use packet sniffing techniques to reveal information about user sessions.

...and get all the features of Booster

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Web Booster Single Sign On is built on top of the solid Web Booster foundation so you get all the features of Web Booster, such as clustering, content compression, edge serving and dynamic failover to name but a few. Web Booster Single Sign On is 100% Java so the software does not have to be deployed on to a Windows Server. Your platform, your choice.

Not an exact fit?

No problem! We are happy to work with you to build a custom SSO solution for your organisation, or provide our LTPA API to allow you to roll your own solutions. Tell us your requirements and we will build it.